Up and Down


Written by Aisling from the Youth Trust Mental Health Taskforce.

This is not our year.
I refuse to believe that
There is hope coming soon.
It is true that
The uncertainty of the future is insufferable.
Humans automatically assume that
Softer times are coming.
Normality is returning.
It isn’t.
Life inside seems incessant right now.
So you’ll never hear me say that
We should appreciate this time.
It stands true that
Wherever we are,
For the first time in our lifetime,
We get to pause, pause from the chaos of life before.
Living a new experience.
Exhausted by the screens, but
Missing loved ones,
Our corona-existence is anything but normal;
To a previous life perpetuated by greed –
We should long to return.
It is a lie that
This time is needed.
No one wanted to cancel plans, although
We were forced to, against our will.
Doing the odd jobs, reading that book, painting that fence,
Creating artistic content.
Reinventing and organising ourselves.
Experiencing gratitude.
Clapping for the NHS.
Everything is monotonous.
I am sick of hearing that –
“We will realise
We’re the lucky ones
When this is all over”,
“Nature is thriving without humanity”:
I know everything happens for a reason but
What the hell.




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