Coping at Christmas


The holiday season is often a whirlwind of lights, tinsel, and festive tunes, but it’s perfectly okay to feel the need for a Christmas timeout. The overwhelming nature of the season can leave many craving a space for peace and relaxation. Whether you’re supporting a young person through the Christmas period or looking for ways to support yourself, in this blog post, we’ll delve into the concept of taking a Christmas timeout, exploring various ways to navigate the Christmas overwhelm and make the season more enjoyable on your terms.

🎄 Acknowledging the Overwhelm

The sensory overload that often accompanies Christmas—bright lights, glittering tinsel, and festive music—can be more than a little overwhelming. It’s important to recognize and honour your feelings if you find yourself yearning for a break from the festivities.

🎅🏼 Create a Non-Christmas Zone

Consider carving out a space within your home that serves as a Christmas-free zone. This could be your bedroom, a cozy nook in the living room, or any area where you feel comfortable. The goal is to establish a designated space where you can retreat to when the holiday chaos becomes too much.

This space provides you with the opportunity to chill out and enjoy some much-needed downtime. Whether it’s a moment to catch your breath, engage in a favourite hobby, or simply relax with a good book, this space becomes a sanctuary for rejuvenation.

⛄ Setting Boundaries

In the spirit of self-care, don’t be afraid to set boundaries during the holiday season. Communicate your need for a Christmas timeout with friends and family, and let them know the importance of having a designated space for a timeout. Establishing these boundaries allows you to prioritize your well-being and maintain a healthy balance during the festive season.

✨ Stay in Routine

During the holiday chaos, maintaining a daily routine can provide a sense of stability and consistency. Stick to your regular sleep schedule, meal times, and self-care routines. Consistency in your daily activities can help ground you during the sometimes overwhelming holiday period.

❄ Embrace your version of Christmas

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to celebrating Christmas. Embrace the traditions and activities that resonate with you, and don’t be afraid to let go of those that don’t. Whether it’s a low-key gathering with close friends, a solo movie night, or a simple walk in nature, create a Christmas that fits with your values and brings you joy.

🤶🏼 Taking Breaks Without Guilt

Give yourself permission to take breaks from the festivities without feeling guilty. If the lights, decorations, and constant holiday chatter become overwhelming, step back and engage in activities that bring you peace. This could be a solo walk, a mindfulness practice, or even a digital detox. Recognizing and respecting your need for breaks is a vital aspect of self-care during the holiday season.

🌟 Connect with Supportive Individuals

Reach out to friends or family members who understand and support your approach to the holiday season. Having a supportive network can provide comfort and understanding, and they may offer valuable perspectives on how to navigate the challenges of Christmas in a way that feels authentic to you.

Taking a Christmas timeout is not about escaping the joy of the season but about finding balance and authenticity in your celebrations. By understanding your triggers, creating a designated calm zone, and embracing your version of Christmas, you can navigate the holiday hustle with greater ease and make this festive season a truly meaningful and enjoyable experience.



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