Counsellor Amanda talks about mindful self-compassion and a self-soothing technique you can try!

Clinical lead Meghann explains Box Breathing, which you can use if you need to ground yourself.

Counsellor Gilly shares a simple breathing technique to help if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Clinical lead Meghann talks about how you can self soothe and ground yourself using your 5 senses!

Downloadable resources

Document cover - Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises

Relaxation technique designed to reduce feelings of stress.

Document cover - Grounding Technique

Grounding Technique

A technique you can use to reduce feelings of anxiety and panic

Document cover - Wellbeing Resources

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Helps to ease muscle tension caused by stress and anxiety

Document cover - Stress Container

Stress Container

A useful exercise to help you understand your stress levels and how you can manage them

The Anger Iceberg

A helpful resource to help you understand anger

Youth trust programmes

ASC Coffee Morning

Part of the RAISE Project at Youth Trust

Caregiver Coffee Mornings

Drop-In Coffee mornings for parents/carers** Please note- this drop-in is for parents/carers of children and young people on the Youth Trust waitlist, aged 5-10.


Our wellbeing programme ‘ReFrame’ delivered in conjunction with The Isorropia Foundation is a rolling programme for 16-25 year olds.

support leaflets

Save on Summer

Find out whats available on the Island this summer

Supporting Families

Supporting Families can offer you and your family, support, advice and/or guidance when you are most in need.

Report Remove

Report Remove is here to help young people under 18 in the UK to confidentially report sexual images and videos of themselves and remove them from the internet.

Peer Support Parents & Carers

Solent Mind Peer Support Sessions for parents/carers supporting a young person experiencing self-harm