Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 – Let’s combat loneliness

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 event poster

As Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 draws to a close we would like to share a short blog about Loneliness written by Gilly, one of our Counsellors.

She explains what can cause loneliness, and reminds us that everyone is lonely at some point in their lives. She gives us all some great tips on combating loneliness and reminds us all there is always someone to talk to.

We all experience loneliness at some time in our lives.  Loneliness can come from many things: 

  • A change in circumstances, like moving home or moving school.
  • A break-down of family relations or a romantic break-up.
  • Death of someone close to you.
  • Illness: yours or someone else’s.
  • Feeling different; not finding someone like you.
  • Not understanding
  • Feeling out of control

Loneliness is different for each of us. 

  • You might feel it for a short time
  • You may feel it over a long period; as if it becomes a part of you.

When you feel lonely you may not feel like doing anything; it is important to do something.

Even acknowledging your feelings and thinking of ways forward will help.

  • Try help yourself through
  • Find someone you can trust to listen or help
  • Go gently.
  • Understand that loneliness is a response to other things; don’t judge yourself

Although loneliness is something we all experience, how you experience it is individual to you.

YOU know what best suits you.  Below is a list of tips to choose from.

Express yourself:

  • Write down your thoughts and feelings
  • Create a song or music to express your feelings
  • Paint your situation and feelings

Look after you:

  • Try to get enough sleep
  • Eat regularly (keeping your blood sugar level balances mood)
  • Do some gentle exercise
  • Go outside; fresh air and sunlight lift mood
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol; these prevent you from dealing with things and keep mood low
  • Try to open up. Is there someone you can trust to talk about your feelings?
  • If not, then contact an agency for support; either in person or on the phone.

Remember there is always someone to talk to what ever the time of the day or night, 365 days of the year.



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