Get Active!


Youth Trust Counsellor Matt, Service Team Leader Sophia and Youth Engagement Apprentice Charlotte talk about how you can get active!

The saying ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ is used a lot but what do we really understand of this?

Sometimes the thought of having to exercise can be off-putting and it’s only for people who like to do sports.  It might be something that feels unachievable and can leave you feeling rather unmotivated.  Take one step at a time and care for your body by getting active.

If we consider that being fit is really about leading a life where you can fulfil all those daily functions and tasks, it opens up the possibility to find a fun activity that suits you and leaves you feeling enriched.

Similarly, the stereotype of a healthy mind is perhaps seen as that happy person, always laughing, smiling and seeming to not have a care in the world. This can be distorted on social media because what you see isn’t always true. Life has its ups and downs and challenges and a healthy state of mind can handle those challenges better and can know when to reach out for support. Having a healthy mind and body can lead to an overall sense of wellbeing and that’s a win win!

What are the benefits of exercise? Well it keeps your heart healthy, gets your blood pumping around your body, keeps muscles toned and releases chemicals in your body that promote a feeling of wellbeing.

You don’t have to go to the gym to gain benefits. Why not go for a walk in nature? Evidence suggests that being out in nature reduces stress and increases wellbeing. We live on such a beautiful Island so create time in your day to exercise.

We all have busy lives and if you are finding it difficult to get motivated to exercise on a regular basis why not get together with friends? You can support each other.  

Building connections with people is an important part of our daily lives and what better way than a common shared interest which benefits your mind, body and soul.



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