What to Expect Coming to a Youth Trust Appointment

See the layout of our building, where to go and what to do when coming to a Youth Trust Appointment.

How do I prepare for Counselling?

The staff at Youth Trust share tips on how you can prepare for your counselling sessions.

Feeling Anxious about your first Counselling Session?

Watch this if you are feeling anxious about your first counselling appointment.

Box Breathing

Try this breathing technique if you are feeling anxious or overwhelemed.

Amanda’s Mindful Self-Compassion 

Counsellor Amanda talks about mindful self-compassion and a self-soothing technique you can try!

Ground Yourself with Your Senses

Clinical lead Meghann talks about how you can self-soothe and ground yourself using your 5 senses!

Breathing Technique

Counsellor Gilly shares a simple breathing technique to help if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.